Americans Will Never Revolt And This Is Why

The United states arrogantly proclaims itself to be a beacon of liberty and democracy, and sadly, a lot of people actually think it is.  The harsh reality is that the US is very much behind most of the other first world countries in terms of education, healthcare and democracy. Countries like Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands are very much the world leaders in all things  democracy and have been for some time.

The reason the US government is starting to look like corrupt and downright evil is due to the internet and freedom of information. With the invention of the internet the US essentially had to deal with a 51st state that was visible to everyone, meaning they had no option but to actually respect the US constitution and allow freedom of speech. The internet allows the average Joe to access vast amounts of information, perhaps more importantly, it allowed them to share it. You’d think that now, knowing everything the world knows, that the US population would start realising that something isn’t right, and yet nothing. No mass protests and no powerful political parties fighting for American liberty.

Well, the reason nothing is happening is fairly simple. You’re being distracted, constantly, to prevent any kind of dissident thinking. Just as the Romans used the Colosseum, the United States use football stadiums, fabricated news stories, technology and many other activities to keep you busy. That’s not the only way the United States resembles the Roman empire, however. The Roman empire liked to use puppet emperors, and they did it a lot more than people think. A few examples of puppet emperors are Romulus Augustus, Glycerius and Eugenius. These puppet emperors were controlled by the elite, the richest men in Rome made the decisions and simply worked the mouth of their puppet.  Sound familiar? 

When the middle class population isn’t working they are spending the money the have worked for on distractions. This is beneficial to the government and elite in two ways. Firstly, it keeps you busy, and secondly, it keeps you middle class. The US government is at the end of a long dark road that is littered with fun fairs, football stadiums and stores. I mean, who gives a shit about the government breaking the rules when you can look at the new iPhone, catch the game or watch Fox?

Capitalism has indoctrinated a significant portion the American population into working hard and then spending their money in a vicious cycle that takes up most of their time. I find it funny that the US is beginning to fear China’s economic growth, considering it’s growing from capitalising on American materialism and greed.

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3 thoughts on “Americans Will Never Revolt And This Is Why

  1. So tired of this argument. Hacky as fuck. Could have been written by a bot for all it’s passionless regurgitation of poly sci 101. If you don’t want to help that’s fine. But don’t discourage action.
    Just look on in awe and admire the courage of others if the time comes.

  2. It’s a good point that many don’t realize. Nice write-up.

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