The western world’s bastardisation of fame.

Fame, in the past, was granted to an individual that had done something significant. In recent times, however, we have allowed fame to be granted to the most unworthy of people. The word now stands for greed and opulence; something first world countries seem to actively promote.

The dictionary definition of fame is as follow:

“The condition of being known or talked about by many people, esp. on account of notable achievements.”

The average teenager believes that Kim Kardashian or Peter Andre to be ‘famous’, and in a sense, I suppose they are correct. I think it would be interesting to ask someone who holds Kardashian or Andre in such regard why they actually think they are famous. The answer could only be one of two things, an unfortunate fallacy or downright stupidity.

Genuine Kim Karashian quote. Pretty deep stuff.

The reason this bothers me so much is that people doing groundbreaking things are not receiving any credit from the public. For example, how many people know the head of Google Inc.?, Doesn’t Google serve millions of people on a daily basis?, Google have made so many innovations that have benefited hundreds of millions of people, and yet most of us don’t know a single employees name. Am I wrong in thinking that is unfair?

In my opinion, the United States media is almost completely responsible for the debasing of the word. The ‘famous’ people in the United States are, in the majority, airheads. Nothing more, nothing less. They are walking advertisements for corporations who seek to bombard you at every turn. Don’t get me wrong, I think some people’s fame is warranted and deserved, Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, is a damn fine actor and funnily enough I don’t remember him starting his career in a sex tape.

It’s not just unfair that these people are famous, it’s also dangerous. Famous people have forever been held as role models by children, my idol when growing up was Yukio Mishima, a superb Japanese author who came from a samurai family. He was disturbed by the influence the capitalist west was having on Japan as he craved an honorable death by the sword as his forefathers had received. He then attempted to stage a coup in Japan and failed, he then immediately had a friend cut off his head and committed HariKari. You probably think I was a pretty messed up child to idolise someone like Yukio Mishima, I really hope you can see why he’s is admirable, though. The man had morals and firm beliefs and was prepared to die for them. I grew up reading Mishima’s novels embedded with anti-capitalist views and I came to agree with one of his major points. That being that Capitalism suppresses the worthy and hides them away from the public eye and throws the starving crowd a counterfeit carefully shaped by corporations and advertisers.


Mishima, attempting a coup on the day of his death.

Is it really a good idea to allow our children and ourselves to idolise empty and reckless fools?, children are being exposed to sex at an incredibly early age, they are admiring people like Kim Kardashian and will, in time, attempt to emulate her, or whoever else they may admire.

It seems the only way a worthy person can gain fame in the modern world is to revolt against it. Edward Snowden being a prime example. A year ago Edward Snowden was nobody, today he is a household name. Snowden’s dissidence took tremendous courage, he literally forfeited his life so you, the public, could be aware of the shady goings-on in the United States government. It’s no surprise he’s being considered for the Nobel peace price.

I know this post is slightly opinionated but I felt I needed to get this off my chest.

Thanks for reading and please comment with your thoughts if you have any.


10 Amazing Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

These are ten films i have come across in my lifetime, all ten of them have radically changed my ideals and hold a place in my heart. I particularly recommend number one, obviously. Enjoy!

10.  Five Minutes Of Heaven (2009)

Five minutes of heaven is the story of a former UVF member (Liam Neeson) and the younger brother of the man he killed (James Nesbitt) during the troubles. The film is a gritty and realistic insight into Ireland’s troubles, what’s interesting is that it explores the consequences after the troubles, something i haven’t seen in a film before.  I highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in Ireland’s history.

9. Possession  (1981)

A very unique cult film that was released at the wrong time, starring Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neil. The film is similar to modern films like inception, the viewer must figure out what’s going on for themselves.

Adjani’s character Anna is going insane, from the title i’m sure you can guess the cause. A series of strange events take place that lead to a very rewarding ending. Be warned though, the film is very gory.

8. Battle Royale (2000)

A highly controversial film set in Japan where the students have stopped attending school, to teach them a lesson the government puts the BR (Battle Royale) act in place. The students are kidnapped and placed on an abandoned island where they must kill each other off, the last survivor earns the right to live. Fun fact Tatsuya Fujiwara, the protagonist of the film voiced Light Yagami in Death Note.

The film has been called the better version of the hunger games, and frankly i’d agree. If you like the hunger games, i think you’d enjoy this more.

7. The Yellow Sea (2010)

This film revolves around Gu-Nam, A Korean cab driver who’s life has fallen apart. He owes a Hit man a serious amount of money and cuts a deal to do a job, he must kill a target within a time limit. Gu-Nam’s wife went missing in the city where the proposed job is.

This is another typically gritty and realistic Korean action thriller, with some amazing acting from Jung-woo ha. Definitely worth a watch.

6. 2046 (2004)

2046 is a film by the renowned director Kar Wai Wong, one of Tarantino’s favorite directors. The film stars Tony Leung (Infernal Affairs) and revolves around a writer who is down on his luck, Chow (Tony Leung) becomes fascinated by the number 2046 and it inspires him to write a novel, in his novel a train would arrive and depart for 2046 every once in a while, so people could recapture lost memories. No one has ever returned, except for Chow.

5. I Saw The Devil (2010)

I Saw The Devil revolves around a psychopathic serial killer called Kyung-Chul (Oldboy’s Min Sik Choi). Kyung-Chul kills a woman who happens to be a secret agents pregnant fiance, the secret agent (Byung-Hun Lee) abandons his ‘good’ life to seek revenge becoming a monster himself.

4. Oldboy (2003)

This is a fairly popular film and i’m sure you have heard of it, it’s even getting a Hollywood remake (yay…).

The films stars veteran Korean actor Min Sik Choi, who is kidnapped for no apparent reason and kept prisoner for 15 years. One day he is released and his captor gives him clues to why he was imprisoned.

“Be it a grain of sand or a rock, in water they sink the same”

Dae-Suh Oh at first wants to kill his captor but along his journey he discovers the real reason he was imprisoned and repents.

3. No Mercy (2010)

No mercy is a really interesting film, American cinema has yet to make a similar film. The film revolves around Dr. Kang, Korea’s top medical examiner.

An environmental  activist kills a woman and immediately confesses, he has also kidnapped Dr. Kangs daughter whom he hasn’t seen in 13 years. The killer demands Dr. Kang frees him in three days or his daughter will die.

This film is simply amazing, full of twists and surprises, worth a watch.

2. The Brotherhood of War

Two brothers are drafted into the S.Korean Army to fight the communist North,  Jin-tae Lee rises through the ranks, he believes that if he excels his younger brother, Jin-seok Lee, will be allowed to go home.

Jin-Tae believes his brother is killed by the South and defects to the North, not knowing his brother is alive. I feel justified in saying this is the best war film ever made, don’t believe me?, watch it. The full film is available on YouTube. (Link Below)

1. Breathless (2008)

Breathless revolves around Sang-Hoon, a low level gangster who is angry at the world. He beats people to a pulp on a daily basis, even though his job doesn’t require it. As a child his father domestically abused his mother and sister, eventually killing them both.

He meets a young high school girl, who despite his foul mouth and manner, enjoys Sang-Hoon’s company. The high school girl’s brother is fast becoming a man like Sang-Hoon, she seeks insight from Sang-Hoon.

Sang-Hoon’s father is released from prison and moves in with Sang-Hoon as he has nowhere else to go, he is a frail old man who truly regrets what he has done. For Sang-Hoon prison wasn’t enough of a punishment, he becomes his father and routinely beats him to a pulp. One night his father cuts his wrists unable to take it anymore, Sang-Hoon repents and his life drastically changes.

Please check this film out, IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY.

If you can’t find a link or torrent to any of these movies, contact me at and i’ll send you a link.

Thanks for reading, please check out these movies!