North Korea Getting Ready For War

So, North Korea are aiming their rockets at anything remotely obese in preparation for an epic war against the United States, should we all brush up on our communism?…. I mean, what would a war between N.Korea and the US be like?, what if N.Korea wins?. I mean come on they have Kim Jung Un, it has never been a fair fight, the world shook in terror when the mighty Kim Jung Il made any sort of threat toward the US but lucky for us, he died, only to be replaced by a super talented and beautiful young man by the name of Kim Jung Un.

Kim Jong Un

Forbidden Fruit

As you can see (left) Kim Jung Un is stunningly handsome, i feel i’m justified in saying he is the best at everything including pottery! (He is so sick at pottery, Serz.).

North Korean TV station KCNA recently announced that N.Korea are pointing their rockets at the US and this is fine due to the fact that N.Korean rockets are often compared to erectile dysfunction. Even if they do fire one off  they will probably only hit Hawaii, which we all know to be a fictional place from the movie Lilo & Stitch but luckily for us Kim Jung Un hasn’t caught on to that fact.

N.Korea have also been hacking S.Korean computers in recent weeks, which is actually quite surprising considering their IT suites look like the abandoned labs in Jurassic Park. They have been taking down major sites, in what some are calling a show of technological competence from the N.Korean government.

A N.Korean guard told a CNN reporter that the warheads are fueled by N.Korean patriotism, i guess that explains why they keep failing.

Tony Montana catching up on his favorite Cartoon Network shows.