Americans Will Never Revolt And This Is Why

The United states arrogantly proclaims itself to be a beacon of liberty and democracy, and sadly, a lot of people actually think it is.  The harsh reality is that the US is very much behind most of the other first world countries in terms of education, healthcare and democracy. Countries like Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands are very much the world leaders in all things  democracy and have been for some time.

The reason the US government is starting to look like corrupt and downright evil is due to the internet and freedom of information. With the invention of the internet the US essentially had to deal with a 51st state that was visible to everyone, meaning they had no option but to actually respect the US constitution and allow freedom of speech. The internet allows the average Joe to access vast amounts of information, perhaps more importantly, it allowed them to share it. You’d think that now, knowing everything the world knows, that the US population would start realising that something isn’t right, and yet nothing. No mass protests and no powerful political parties fighting for American liberty.

Well, the reason nothing is happening is fairly simple. You’re being distracted, constantly, to prevent any kind of dissident thinking. Just as the Romans used the Colosseum, the United States use football stadiums, fabricated news stories, technology and many other activities to keep you busy. That’s not the only way the United States resembles the Roman empire, however. The Roman empire liked to use puppet emperors, and they did it a lot more than people think. A few examples of puppet emperors are Romulus Augustus, Glycerius and Eugenius. These puppet emperors were controlled by the elite, the richest men in Rome made the decisions and simply worked the mouth of their puppet.  Sound familiar? 

When the middle class population isn’t working they are spending the money the have worked for on distractions. This is beneficial to the government and elite in two ways. Firstly, it keeps you busy, and secondly, it keeps you middle class. The US government is at the end of a long dark road that is littered with fun fairs, football stadiums and stores. I mean, who gives a shit about the government breaking the rules when you can look at the new iPhone, catch the game or watch Fox?

Capitalism has indoctrinated a significant portion the American population into working hard and then spending their money in a vicious cycle that takes up most of their time. I find it funny that the US is beginning to fear China’s economic growth, considering it’s growing from capitalising on American materialism and greed.

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The western world’s bastardisation of fame.

Fame, in the past, was granted to an individual that had done something significant. In recent times, however, we have allowed fame to be granted to the most unworthy of people. The word now stands for greed and opulence; something first world countries seem to actively promote.

The dictionary definition of fame is as follow:

“The condition of being known or talked about by many people, esp. on account of notable achievements.”

The average teenager believes that Kim Kardashian or Peter Andre to be ‘famous’, and in a sense, I suppose they are correct. I think it would be interesting to ask someone who holds Kardashian or Andre in such regard why they actually think they are famous. The answer could only be one of two things, an unfortunate fallacy or downright stupidity.

Genuine Kim Karashian quote. Pretty deep stuff.

The reason this bothers me so much is that people doing groundbreaking things are not receiving any credit from the public. For example, how many people know the head of Google Inc.?, Doesn’t Google serve millions of people on a daily basis?, Google have made so many innovations that have benefited hundreds of millions of people, and yet most of us don’t know a single employees name. Am I wrong in thinking that is unfair?

In my opinion, the United States media is almost completely responsible for the debasing of the word. The ‘famous’ people in the United States are, in the majority, airheads. Nothing more, nothing less. They are walking advertisements for corporations who seek to bombard you at every turn. Don’t get me wrong, I think some people’s fame is warranted and deserved, Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, is a damn fine actor and funnily enough I don’t remember him starting his career in a sex tape.

It’s not just unfair that these people are famous, it’s also dangerous. Famous people have forever been held as role models by children, my idol when growing up was Yukio Mishima, a superb Japanese author who came from a samurai family. He was disturbed by the influence the capitalist west was having on Japan as he craved an honorable death by the sword as his forefathers had received. He then attempted to stage a coup in Japan and failed, he then immediately had a friend cut off his head and committed HariKari. You probably think I was a pretty messed up child to idolise someone like Yukio Mishima, I really hope you can see why he’s is admirable, though. The man had morals and firm beliefs and was prepared to die for them. I grew up reading Mishima’s novels embedded with anti-capitalist views and I came to agree with one of his major points. That being that Capitalism suppresses the worthy and hides them away from the public eye and throws the starving crowd a counterfeit carefully shaped by corporations and advertisers.


Mishima, attempting a coup on the day of his death.

Is it really a good idea to allow our children and ourselves to idolise empty and reckless fools?, children are being exposed to sex at an incredibly early age, they are admiring people like Kim Kardashian and will, in time, attempt to emulate her, or whoever else they may admire.

It seems the only way a worthy person can gain fame in the modern world is to revolt against it. Edward Snowden being a prime example. A year ago Edward Snowden was nobody, today he is a household name. Snowden’s dissidence took tremendous courage, he literally forfeited his life so you, the public, could be aware of the shady goings-on in the United States government. It’s no surprise he’s being considered for the Nobel peace price.

I know this post is slightly opinionated but I felt I needed to get this off my chest.

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North Korea Getting Ready For War

So, North Korea are aiming their rockets at anything remotely obese in preparation for an epic war against the United States, should we all brush up on our communism?…. I mean, what would a war between N.Korea and the US be like?, what if N.Korea wins?. I mean come on they have Kim Jung Un, it has never been a fair fight, the world shook in terror when the mighty Kim Jung Il made any sort of threat toward the US but lucky for us, he died, only to be replaced by a super talented and beautiful young man by the name of Kim Jung Un.

Kim Jong Un

Forbidden Fruit

As you can see (left) Kim Jung Un is stunningly handsome, i feel i’m justified in saying he is the best at everything including pottery! (He is so sick at pottery, Serz.).

North Korean TV station KCNA recently announced that N.Korea are pointing their rockets at the US and this is fine due to the fact that N.Korean rockets are often compared to erectile dysfunction. Even if they do fire one off  they will probably only hit Hawaii, which we all know to be a fictional place from the movie Lilo & Stitch but luckily for us Kim Jung Un hasn’t caught on to that fact.

N.Korea have also been hacking S.Korean computers in recent weeks, which is actually quite surprising considering their IT suites look like the abandoned labs in Jurassic Park. They have been taking down major sites, in what some are calling a show of technological competence from the N.Korean government.

A N.Korean guard told a CNN reporter that the warheads are fueled by N.Korean patriotism, i guess that explains why they keep failing.

Tony Montana catching up on his favorite Cartoon Network shows.